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Books about Michael

This is Michael Jackson - D.L.Mabery Lerner Publications Company 1984

Book, full of ilustration, ideal for kids.

Moonwalk 1988
Wyd. 91 Polskie->
Moonwalk', by Michael Jackson, will always be a classic must-read for any MJ fan. Published in 1988, this autobiography was written by Michael after being encouraged to do so by his friend, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It is an account of his life up until 1988 when he still lived at Hayvenhurst, his Encino, California home. This wonderful book, written in an upbeat tone, has 6 chapters and includes beautiful color and black and white photos. Michael dedicated it to Fred Astaire.

Publisher: DoubleDay (division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc., New York, USA)
Year of publication: 1988
ISBN number: 0-7493-1338-2
Number of pages: 283
Languages the book is available in: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (publisher: Plaza & Janés)

Michael Jackson Electryfying - Greg Quill Sidgwick & Jackson Limited 1988

A lot of picture and generally analysis of Michael's carrer.

Michael Jackson - The Magic & The Madness 1991
Wyd. 2003->
First is most favourable to Michael, author treats MJ's as genius and about his small deviation, he writes with screwing up eye. He is evidently fascinated of MJ. The last version of book has been realised in 2003 and the fans were very indignant by information about Lisa Marie, last signed up chapters didn't treat Michael so good as this fisrt one version.

Michael Jackson - Dancing The Dream 1992

'Dancing The Dream', by Michael Jackson, published in 1992 and dedicated to Michael's mother is an extraordinary book and very dear to Michael's heart. It is filled with inspirational essays and poems written by Michael himself. The writing is lovely and every time you read a passage or poem you can see new dimensions and find more to think about. The poetry and prose are complex and thought provoking and every bit as moving as any song or melody we love by Michael. The book has lovely color and black and white photos with an amazing introduction by Elizabeth Taylor. Many people have reported reading some of the poems aloud to others and winning great acclaim and new Michael Jackson fans each time.

Publisher: DoubleDay (division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc., New York, USA)
Year of publication: July 1992
ISBN number: 0-385-42277-6
Number of pages: 149
Languages the book is available in: English, Chinese, German

Michael Jackson The bad year = Rick Sky

Rick Sky it is the musical editor of British journal Daily Mirror. The book "The the bad year" it tries oneself in way neutral to outline the event 1993/4 r. and to analyse personality of Michael Jackson's. If book this was written in impartial way, then author's later television statements are controversial very and rather street papers jokes and comments remind rhodium from Daily Mirror.

Michael Jackson In his own words - Catherine Dineen Omnibus Press 1993

Book including Michaela's statement on one's subject. Also statement of members of his family as well as different well-known personalities. She be divided thematically it - was it been possible to find on different subjects statement.

The King op Pop's Darkest Hour - Lisa D. Campbell Branden Books 1994

Position consecrated events 1993/4 year . Authoress is manyyears' Michael's fan and her book found total support MJJ Production. Bob's prelude be equipped Jonesa. However look for analyses' of these sad events czytelnik, any explanations or it will be after reading tests of Michaela's defense this position very disappointed even. The book contains exclusively how if would the histories of description of scandal at the street the paper press. Well-founded indignation was it been possible here practically to find only full repetition tabloid articles.

Michael Jackson Entertainer - Lois P. Nicholson

CD Book - Danien Noonan Orion Books 1994

Of , size CD, richly illustrated small booklet, presenting in shortcut Michael's career, recording history.

The Visual Documentary - Adrian Grant Omnibus Press 1994
Wyd. 97-> Wyd. 2000-> Wyd. 2005->
Remembered already on forum The Visual Documentary Adrian's authorship Granta. She is not maybe exact legacy of every day with life MJ, but all in this book arranged it is chronologicznie and when in professional life MJa a lot of oneself the cannon, then really the tense all be indicated day after day. Facts, number be passed in this book very exactly. Many beautiful shots are. Texts treat to professional artist who is MJ's life tylko. Lack here mentions about his private life, except short foot-notes this type, that MJ had birthdays or got married. My sentence the best book about MJu, though to name very hard her biography. She had 4 extradition, in this ostatnie of 2005 year. Several hugging with life the newest events new sides in every new extradition be added MJa. It on 100% extradition with 1994 year was theses' translated on German language and accessible on local market, extradition comes from with 1995 year..

Michael Jackson American Master by C. Mecca, 1996

Position in format A4, in beautiful binding, 36 colourful illustrations. Authoress tries to introduce as American master Jacksona's Michaela. You will not find there however reliable information. The written book is the elaborate, pompous language the gathering empty grafomańskich the pseudo of considerations rather. This reads how niewyobrażalnie boring edifying for youth sermon. Authoress dedicates more places considerations over ideal master's features, problems of present America and personal problems than only Michaelowi about which from this will find out works little.

CD Book, Michael Jackson & The Jackson Family - Geoff Brown Omnibus Press 1996

It is Michael's practically descriptive recording history and The Jacksons. The short description of not only individual albums passes but every song.

Genius or charlatan? - Adam Warceki Journalist Publishing Agency 1996

Publishing house on Michaela's subject with opportunity his concert in Warsaw.

Michael Jackson Superstar 1997

It's "Michael Jackson Superstar", one word was one should was know, which is truth and what not, this book was given more in aim earnings and not how "MoonWalk" written by Michaela for understanding truth. relised Superstar is 1996. fans Sentence, the worst book about Michael.

Michael Jackson - The secrets of Lost paradise 1996

Given by "Big Star": " The Secrets of Paradise Lost" written by Kevina J. Fox'a. This book was one should read with reason and not in all believe, as for example: how he crossed plastic operations and as appearance changed to him.

Facts from the Dancefloor - Geoff Brown UFO Music 1997

Richly illustrated, colourful server with Michaela's and career life facts book. No matter how those facts are often inaccurate and false, book is beautiful photographic album.

Czesław Czapliński
My HiStory of how I was taking pictures of king of pop
Nowe Wydawnictwo Polskie Ypsilon Sp. z o.o. 1997

Executed with second visit of Jacksona's Michaela the album of shots in Poland by well-known photographer, equipped with the author's prelude.

Michael Jackson: An Exceptional Journey: The Unauthorised Biography in Words and Pictures 2002

Michael Jackson - Behind The Mask 2005

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop: The Big Picture The Music! The Man! The Legend! The Interviews: An Anthology 2005

Book be base at, on authentic interviews from Michaelm. 321 sides calculate. Onlny in English. Foreign fans are careful this book, for a great thing.

Michael Jackson - My World p.1 2006

This brand-new photobook by Michael Jackson, reviews the King of Pop's unqiue career. From Gary to Greatness.
In his first book in 14 years, the living pop-icon gives an exclusive insight into his private photo archive. My World contains lots of never before seen photographs of Jackson, from 1980 to 2006. Jackson also opens up the doors to his work as the world's most brillant artist (2002 American Music Awards: Artist of the Century) by publishing his hand-written lyrics to his world-famous smash hits Billie Jean, Bad, Black or White, and Smooth Criminal.
Moreover the book features personal thoughts and rarely seen lyrics by Jackson along with the high quality pictures of Jackson's dance, stage shows, private life, and public appearances that show the true genius and achievements of music's biggest icon: Michael Jackson.

Publisher: MJ Licensing LLC
Date Of Publication: March 27, 2006
ISBN Number: 0976889110
Number Of Pages: 56 Pages
Language: English

The Trials Of Michael Jackson

Presents the story of the downfall of Michael Jackson at the hands of the mighty SONY Corporation and an obsessive Californian prosecutor. This book aims to uncover the truth about the bitter feud between one of the biggest corporations on the planet and pop music's greatest icon. Book only in English.

Michael Jackson Conspiracy
Released: June 13, 2007.
To anyone who wants to learn what happened in the Michael Jackson courtroom, this is the book to read.

— Tom Mesereau, lead counsel for Michael Jackson
From Tom Mesereau's biting Foreword through Ms. Jones' indicting narrative, a sobering view of media frenzy and the effects of greed and celebrity on the administration of justice. Enlightening and entertaining...a book that will keep you reading.

— John Zebrowski, California Court of Appeal (ret.)
Aphrodite Jones vividly captures the phenomenon that was the Michael Jackson trial...A deeply researched, intense account that keeps you anxiously awaiting the next scene.

— Roy Black, prominent trial attorney

Book Description
From the painstaking jury selection to the jaw-dropping "Not Guilty" verdict and beyond, this book reveals the truth about what went on inside—and outside—the courtroom during Michael Jackson's highly sensationalized 2005 criminal trial.

He was the pop icon the media loved to hate. Tremendously wealthy, inarguably eccentric, and one of the most famous people in the world, Michael Jackson was the unenviable target of constant public humiliation. The media poked fun at his skin, his features, his sexuality, and his lifestyle.

Here, internationally recognized true crime authority Aphrodite Jones condemns the media for perpetuating hateful rumors and innuendoes, recounting just the sordid details, and reporting only the most despicable accusations and grisly charges made against Michael Jackson during his criminal trial. News reports had people believe that Jackson was a perverse man and sexual predator who lured innocent children into unspeakable acts at his infamous Neverland. And, it turns out, they were wrong. In their efforts to make money and win ratings, the media missed the truth.

Jones uses actual court transcripts and photo evidence never before seen by the public to tell the real story behind the salacious headlines. Inside the courtroom, there was no proof of anything sinister in Michael Jackson's character and no proof the he had committed a single crime. Found "Not Guilty" on all fourteen counts against him, the King of Pop was a free man.

It wasn't until after the verdict that Jones had the insight and courage to admit her own unintentional role in the frenzy surrounding the shocking testimony, high drama, and countless celebrities in People vs. Michael Joe Jackson. Here, she makes amends with what is not only a detailed and accurate account of the entire trial but a scathing indictment against the media for conspiring to distort, dehumanize, and destroy the King of Pop. Jones argues convincingly that the case against Jackson amounted to nothing more than a media-made, tax-paid scandal, and she makes an impassioned call to action for the public-at-large to think critically, question the integrity, and demand the truth in "the news."

In the Studio with Michael Jackson
Released: September 15, 2009.
The inside secrets of Michael Jackson's greatest records by the Grammy-winning engineer who captured and enhanced their sound. Multiple color photos of Jackson, producer Quincy Jones, and all the talents who collaborated to make pop history with Jackson's albums. Plucked from a job at legendary Universal Audio in Chicago, Bruce Swedien entered into a fruitful and historic 30-year relationship with producer Quincy Jones. That partnership culminated in the groundbreaking recordings of Michael Jackson, beginning with The Wiz, continuing with Jackson's breakout solo debut Off the Wall, and triumphing with Thriller, which revolutionized music and video and fixed Jackson in culture as the King of Pop. Now Swedien reveals the technical details of creating those albums (along with Bad, Dangerous, and HIStory) and offers personal remembrances and anecdotes about working with the pop icon. Swedien's book provides an insider's look that will thrill anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of hit making and the history o f some of America's most influential recordings. HIGHLIGHTS * Large collection of photographs from Michael Jackson recording sessions * Forewords by producer Quincy Jones and writer/producer Rod Temperton Source: Amazon.com

Released: June 3, 2014.
Michael's life throght eyes of his security team. Objective image of Michael's private life. Security team recalled their work for Jackson.

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